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Zettlex UK Ltd.

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IncOder Range Expanded

Sensor company Zettlex has massively expanded its IncOder product range to include a choice of 600 different products.


IncOders are precision angle encoders suitable for harsh environments such as industrial, military and aerospace equipment – where optical sensors are likely to prove unreliable or pancake resolvers are too expensive.


The new IncOder range allows customers to mix and match a range of options so that the final product matches their exact requirements. Options include a choice of mechanical mounts, radial or axial connectors, 6 different data protocols and 3 different power supplies.


“It’s so easy,” comments Mark Howard, General Manager at Zettlex. “All you do is choose what you want from the various options, write down the corresponding part number and order online.”


The new range is available at  as well as through Zettlex’s international resellers.


About Zettlex UK Ltd:

Zettlex is a sensors company. The company’s range of sensors measure position or speed accurately and reliably, even in harsh conditions.

Zettlex designs and manufactures sensors; supplies sensor components and integrated circuits. The company offers bespoke sensor design and development for specific customer applications.

Unique technology and laminar, printed designs, enables Zettlex to manufacture sensors that have no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts and zero maintenance.

Zettlex sells directly to OEMs and system integrators across a broad range of industry sectors.  Applications include position measurement, servos, motor controls, and user interfaces.  Around 50 per cent of the company’s business is safety-related or safety-critical.

Zettlex is ISO 9001 and BS EN 13980 certified for the manufacture of electromagnetic sensors, including sensors for intrinsically safe (ATEX) environments.


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Zettlex UK Ltd.
Zettlex UK Ltd.
IncOder Range Expanded
Zettlex UK Ltd.
Zettlex UK Ltd.
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